While many of us wait for more obvious signs or the occurrence of immediate issues before we fix up our roofs, sometimes one must take a closer look to spot the signs of a roof that needs replacing. Catching roof problems earlier on will often save much time and money in the future with a bit of regular maintenance.

Your Roof is Old

The general consensus among experts is that after 20 years, it’s time to get new shingles. While you may not be experiencing any immediate issues with an old roof, statistically speaking, you’re heading for some headaches down the line if it isn’t replaced soon. Water damage and other issues can result from leaving an old roof untouched.

Your Shingles Are In Rough Shape

Sometimes, shingles can get flaky and even start curling at the end. When this happens, it’s definitely time to call a roofer. Funny looking shingles are a result of the elements taking their toll upon one’s roof – this should be taken care of right away before one’s roof becomes even more exposed as time goes on.


Ceiling Troubles

Possibly the most troublesome omen of all is a flaking roof. This is a clear sign of water damage – water which comes from up above, of course. In this case, the roof must be fixed right away before any more of the ceiling becomes damaged. This is also true of ceiling discolouration, whether it happens to be flaky or not. When this happens, damaged portions of the ceiling must be removed and, in the absolute worst cases, whole rooms may have to have their ceiling removed – in which case, a house may be out of order for days or weeks as contractors rebuild the ceiling. This effect only worsens the longer one’s roof goes without maintenance.

If you’re in the Somerset area and find yourself experiencing any of these foreboding issues, R.S. White Ltd. can take a closer inspection as well as the appropriate steps to fixing and preventing further roof issues, whether it be shingling, thatching or simply patching up a few holes, regular roof maintenance and semi-regular roof replacements can save a lot of time and money in the long run, depending on a roof’s state. R.S. White specializes in all building work, roofing being one of our many specialties. Don’t let your ceiling and home go to rot – if you spot something out of the ordinary, give us a call to ensure as little damage as possible.